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Change a Child's Life

CASA would like to thank the individuals, foundations, and corporations who support the CASA mission. You continue to give hope to the children in our community.

A Life Changed

A sweet baby boy was born at only 30 weeks gestation, and placed into the NICU. His mother had used many illegal substances during her pregnancy and this baby boy was now struggling with many withdrawal symptoms, while also being premature and only weighing 3 pounds. CASA – Hope for Children was called late one Friday evening as this sweet boy was now being moved to protective custody due to many known drug users having access to him and his mother being neglectful of him in the hospital. The very first Christmas baby boy would have was going to be spent alone, until a CASA was appointed to his case. His CASA spent that weekend checking in on him and taking him his very first Christmas gifts. The first person to be able to hold this sweet baby boy was his CASA. His first Christmas was spent surrounded by love and compassion, from his CASA.